Further Qualifications and Specializations After Chartered Accountancy

Further Qualifications and Specializations After Chartered Accountancy

Accountancy has advanced to be a field that is concerned with collecting, arranging and afterward showing budgetary data of a substance in order to impart the money related and monetary position of the element to the proprietors and other intrigued outsiders. Accountancy built up an idea of a two-fold passage around the fifteenth century. This idea says that each exchange identified with the substance has two impacts, a charge and a credit (Equity = Assets – Liabilities To keep the balance, the transaction would affect both sides of the equation). In accountancy things are characterized into diverse records.

The uplifting news is that Chartered Accountancy of Pakistan, in its quality and eminence outside Pakistan, is not like other fields of training (like medical and engineering) of Pakistan. The vast majority of the Pakistani medical and engineering certifications, aside from a couple, are not acknowledged abroad. This is not the situation with ICAP. ICAP has alliance with worldwide bodies that attempt to fit and institutionalize accounting, budgetary reporting and examining. Few of the affiliations are given below:


Association with the above organizations (that are effectively living up to expectations towards a unified together and institutionalized accounting calling all through the world) demonstrates the veracity of largeness of the extent of CA of Pakistan.

In Pakistan a complete CA (passing all exams and obligatory preparing) is taken comparable to Master’s degree in business.

Aside from connection with the above worldwide associations, ICAP has marked Memorandums of Understanding with:


CA candidates can get any of these affirmations by passing a couple of extra papers (like levy, company laws and so on of that nation) whereas, more papers are required for ACCA.

So one needs not to worry about what would he/she be doing after completing the degree. There are several specializations and qualifications one can go for after completing the qualification of chartered accountancy. One can even go for M.Com or MBA after completing the qualification of CA or ACCA. Most ACCA candidates tend to go for MBA so that they can compete with CA students.

Accounting Solutions That Can Help Your Business

Accounting Solutions That Can Help Your Business

Finding a great accounting firm can be a great boon to business, as having the experts on your side when it comes to financial matters can be the difference between hefty fines from the tax office or smooth sailing and successful business growth.

In addition to the regular offerings of bookkeeping and taxation advice, however, there are many services that accounting firms offer than can bring significant benefits to your business. If you are looking to make the best of your small business, ask your expert of choice if they can help you with any of the following accounting solutions that encourage business success.

Firstly, in addition to your bookkeeping services and taxation advice, why not ask your accountant if they can help you with budgeting? A good budget is arguably as necessary as a good business plan, yet both are of these are necessities that tend to fall by the wayside when a business owner is caught up in the many tasks he or she has to accomplish every day.

Many top accounting firms can help you set goals when it comes to your finances – and then make sure that you reach them. Budgets also often improve your chances of getting funding if that is something that you are seeking, and will help keep you from overspending, chasing bright shiny object investments and keep the entirety of your business on track.

Another accounting solution that is extremely handy for those that are just starting out in business is financial advice relating to business start-ups. Again, top accounting firms will often offer this service to their clients to help them get off to a great start in the world of business.

They will also bring the added benefit of having worked with many – if not hundreds and thousands of business owners – meaning that they are well versed in the process and can offer to the best of their knowledge and insight to help you make the right choices when it comes to starting your enterprise.

Some of the things that accounting firms may be able to help you with are: deciding on a suitable structure for your business, preparing a business plan and budget, establishing a good working relationship with your bank, completing registration with all the necessary authorities, setting up a records systems to comply with requirements, and many more.

You should also ask your accountant of choice for one other essential service that can make all the difference in your business – cash flow forecasting. Similarly to budgeting, this can help you look to the future and determine what is possible for your business, and how exactly to manage your incomings and outgoings to the best of your ability.

The best accounting firms will provide you with timely and accurate information and cash flow forecasting reports that will help you realise and understand when cash is available, plan and prepare for expansion and taxes, and analyse and anticipate key expenses.

Whereas bookkeeping solutions can take long and arduous tasks off your hands so you can concentrate on your business growth and doing your own best work, these other services offered by accounting firms and mentioned above can also make a huge difference in your business.

These accounting solutions will help you plan for many eventualities in your business, whether it is setting the entire thing up initially, creating a budget so that you can apply for finance, or effectively managing your cash flow so that you accurately anticipate paying your taxes and investing your business budget.

In all cases, find an accounting firm that you trust to help you out with all of these services; in addition to being highly knowledgeable in all of these areas, they should have adequate experience helping people in businesses just like yours achieve the most financial success possible.

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Why Choose Chartered Accountancy As a Career

Why Choose Chartered Accountancy As a Career

Chartered Accountancy is one of those fields that have grown out and out over a period of brief time and changed its expansion from just accounting to an impressive measure all the more with a specific end goal to offer vocations to individuals in different fields like evaluating, business guiding, regulatory posts, key store positions, risk executives, charge counselors, association secretaries et cetera. The field offers an impressive measure of calling open doors and chances for further advancement in other related fields. Following are a few of the many benefits listed as to why one should opt for it as a career.

Exceptionally Rewarding

It is an exceedingly remunerating field. Not just are our diplomats acquiring the most elevated pay rates in the business sector but additionally high level notoriety and admiration. Pay rates of different experts by and large end where the pay rates of Chartered Accountants begin. Moreover as reviewers you would be relied upon to offer various accounting and audit arrangements, actualize measures and practice business morals that powers your confidence.

Top Management

Not at all like yesteryears when Chartered Accountants were considered as private alcove agents with their heads covered in the books of records; today our experts are driving the business sector as front line managers. The specialized fuse and administration abilities in both our scholastic and preparing educational modules has brought Chartered Accountancy out from behind the stage to the front as CFOs, CEOs, Company Secretaries and Department Heads.


It is denoting its own fringes. You contemplate here and rehearse your capability in any nation of the world. Presently 24% of our Chartered Accountants are setting samples of best proficient practices in 35 nations of the world. Notwithstanding bartering associations is frictionless so you may begin in public sector or business and later join any banks, money related foundations or exchange.


The genuine crux of the Chartered Accountancy degree that separates us and increases the value of our capability is its all-around controlled training program; that permits a student to learn and actualize his insight in the meantime.

Equal to M.Com

The Higher Education Commission has acknowledged the Chartered Accountancy capability as equal to the level of Masters in Commerce. So every one of our applicants with longs for concentrate further in specializations may do as such on such premise.

Quick Growth

The field of Chartered Accountancy offers quick development to its experts. With the increment in monetary action, the interest for Chartered Accountants is expanding in all business sector parts might it be industry, exchange, money related organizations or banks; even in segments like training and social welfare our representatives are setting novel practices of honesty and polished methodology.

Business Qualification

At first Chartered Accountants were accepted to be specialists with learning of just accountancy and review however their extension in business has now been changed. The Institute has customized its syllabus to fuse a mix of specialized and administration abilities, keeping in view the most recent improvements in the accountancy calling around the world. In this way our experts are not only specialists in the fields of Accounts and Audit but on the other hand are very much aware of the most recent business rehearses in the fields of data innovation, law, tax, promotion, human asset administration and so forth.

Most Economical Qualification

The Institute offers the most reduced affirmation costs. This as well as amid Chartered Accountancy understudies join preparing and are paid stipend that serves as a not too bad pocket cash so that by the day’s end the understudy may acquire his own costs.

Private Practice

So one fine morning it all of a sudden dawns upon you that being a representative is not your cup of tea. Indeed, your course is exceptionally straightforward! You can open your own particular practice and work for yourself.

Networking Basics

Networking Basics – 5 Things You Need to Know

Are you just getting started with building your network? These networking basics will get you started the right way. Below I will share with you the 5 things you need to know in order to get started with building your network. Your networking basics:

1. How will you find your contacts? Networking is something that needs to be done consistently to reap the benefits. Are there monthly or weekly events you can attend in your local area? Could you start your own networking event?

2. What’s in it for them? What benefit can you offer your new contact? Is it a referral fee? Can you send clients their way? Can you offer a discount on your product or service? How will you track referrals? It could be as simple as a spreadsheet, making sure you ask each customer how they found you.

3. Collect their contact details. Be sure to collect their contact details. You don’t want to be waiting for them to contact you, this will enable you to be in control. And leads me to my next point.

4. Follow up & Keep in touch regularly. Set aside time every week to follow up with your new contacts. This will build rapport and keep you at the front of their minds whenever they come across someone who may require your product or service. A follow up could be a call every Monday morning, you could add a monthly lunch or coffee to the mix. Emails are OK, but try not to make that your contact every week. You want your contact to hear the passion and excitement in your voice when you talk about your product or service, this is very hard to convey in and email or message.

5. Make sure they have your contact details. In most cases its best to have a business card on hand. You could also ask for permission to add this person on Facebook, this should be done on the spot though. Your new contact needs to know how to contact you when they have business for you. If you can do both Facebook and a business card, even better.

These are just some of the networking basics that will get you started. Networking when done properly is the best way to build your business for the long term, it costs very little to get started and builds upon relationships. Customers will generally only buy from people they know like and trust.

Networking Convenience

Networking Convenience

Networking is such a multi-faceted tool for achieving success in business, professional and personal matters. It is definitely an art that needs fine tuning and precision to work its optimum performance. Along with the nuances of networking, it is important to be and make yourself convenient for the common business and social practices. Your counterpart will appreciate and feel comfortable when you make an effort to genuinely connect and do mutual business.

Listed below are tips for being more “networking friendly” and showing courtesy to individuals and organizations.

Convenient to Contact

At events, make sure to exchange business cards or contact information. Being able to connect with others is the true essence of networking. Your contact info should be correct and up to date. Offer different ways for people or organizations to reach out to you. Likewise, ask how your counterpart can be best and most frequently reached. Setting up these parameters in the beginning also sets the expectation of the relationships.

Convenient to Meet

Once you have exchanged proper information and feel there are shared interests, consider meeting up. This can be a one-on-one where you can go into more detail about who you are and how you can do mutual business. Or it can be at similar networking event that mirrors how you both met. In any case, when you meet up make sure to be on time, properly dressed and networking minded. Be respectful and continue to establish good reputation as a professional.

Convenient to Refer

Finally, as these events pan out, make sure that it is easy to refer you to other individuals, organizations and networks. This is a large portion of successful business and word of mouth is a strong marketing and branding tool. In your conversations, concisely and accurately describe what you do and how you service your specific target audiences. Let your counterpart know the ways that you prefer doing quality business.

Hopefully, these tips and advice will move you in the right direction for making good connections. Once again, making yourself accessible and easy to work with is the goal for success.

Moonlighting Networking

Moonlighting Networking

There are so many ways to get involved and be productive in networking when you have a 9 to 5 gig. Connecting with others after work is an excellent way to amp up your networking game. But proceed with caution, as some of these functions are labeled as social events which have a small focus on business. In order to get the most out of your endeavors, here are some tips to help you maneuver your way through.

Target Audience

The next time that your register for an after hours event, consider the target audience. Read the description of the event, agenda and the host organization or company. Also, keep in mind the time and the location of the function. Ask yourself a few questions such as: “Who is most likely to attend this event?” “Will there be time to talk and socialize about business?” “Is this venue going to be loud or moderate noise?” “Is my potential target audience going to attend?”. Asking these questions will give you a good idea if you should attend the event or not.

Be Prepared

Once you have freed yourself from work, make sure that you are prepared to network. This means having plenty of business cards on hand. This also means showing up on time and being ready for action. Another good suggestion is to create three goals for attending the event and have a few generalized conversation topics and questions. Also, practice your 30 second / elevator pitch ahead of time to be more professional.

Keep A Balance

Although this is an after hours function, keep a good balance between business and pleasure. Monitor your actions and words in conversations as well as your interactions with others. Be considerate and mindful of the atmosphere or situation. Always have a plan for beginning and ending a conversation gracefully.

Hopefully these tips will encourage you to make the most of your networking endeavors. Continue to build your professional and communication skills for tapping into other networks and growing your own.